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Powder Coating Solutions for Everyone

Car parts and restoration, custom truck parts, household items, outdoor railings, custom wheels, fun stuff and more. A better solution than just paint. Call now 613-358-5000 for details.

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(division of Last Chance Auto Restore.com)

Sand Blasting Solutions for Everyone

We can sand blast virtually any size part. Large or small all media blasting performed onsite. Call now 613-358-5000 for further details.

What is powder coating and why choose powder coating

The result of the powder coating process is a durable non-rust high-quality smooth finish. Powder of any colour is applied with a special gun to create an electrostatic charge. This charge causes the powder particles to adhere to the metal object. The fully coated item is then cured at high temperature which allows the powder to melt and bind with the metal item. The result is a highly durable finish that is visually appealing and very resistant to heat, corrosion, scratching, extreme weather and wear-and-tear.

Powder coating is much stronger and more durable than painted surfaces. It adds protection and extends the life of the metal and it very much reduces the cost of annual maintenance. Not only can you mix colours... your metal items will look GREAT..!!



We can powder coat virtually anything...

Powder Coat Car Parts

Car Parts & Restoration Projects

Anything Auto

Make virtually any car part look "better than new".

Powder Coat Truck Parts

Custom Truck Parts & Accessories

Anything Trucks

Click on the image to see great ideas for powder coated truck parts.

Powder Coat Household Items

Household Items & Hobbyists

Anything Home

We can make items in your home look so much nicer!

Powder Coat Rims Wheels

Custom Wheels Rims & Hubcaps

Anything Wheels

Original factory look or higher end custom look. We even do two tone!

Powder Coat Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff

Anything Fun

You have it.. we can powder coat it!

Powder Coat Fun Stuff

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Purchase high quality stainless steel water bottles and personalize with company logo, sports team and more.

Powder Coat Travel Mugs

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

Purchase high quality stainless steel Travel Mugs from us and we can make it special for you.

Hi-Temp Powder Coat

Extreme High Temperature Coating

Anything Hot

Protect items to withstand up to 1800 Degrees F.

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